Three reasons to make a photo in a resume

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For many of employers the most important data in a resume is:
1) The name of a candidate.
2) Contacts.
3) Education.
4) Work experience.
5) Additional skills/ photo.

So, your image takes the fifth place in employer's priorities, especially if the job does not presume model appearance. For representatives of professions related to model business and film industry, arts as well as office workers (manager), tertiary industries (seller, waiter, chambermaid, governess), supervision (director, chief accountant) the photo in a resume is necessary. And this item takes much more significant priority.

The other competitors have the following three reasons for including their photo into the resume.

First reason. Attraction and recognizability.

Members of permanent staff say that a photo gives a concrete insight about a person and that it is a kind of acquaintance with a person.

Ann Bobel, the director of recruitment agency ARCHERS advices necessarily to include the photo into the resume:

"Agree that the same data can be presented in different ways. The resume with photo gets an appearance and data representation becomes coloured: a recruiter sees not only the featureless text but also a person that can be recognized at personal acquaintance during an interview".

Moreover, a resume without photo may create an impression as it was compiled in haste or as a pretender may be suspected in an attempt to conceal some data. As a result HR would be forced to look for additional data in social networks. But often there is no enough time for this and as a result you resume will be rejected.

Second reason. Your photo is a confirmation that you correspond the position.

Your photo is an additional argument and yet another confirmation that you are the one being searched for.

"A recruiter analyzes resume on the correspondence of a candidate to a vacant position. And he has his own opinion on how a candidate for this or that position should look like. And if there is nothing forbidding in the photo of a candidate, the recruiter ticks off the item "Appearance of a candidate", - says Dmitri Tolkachev, the general director of international recruiting agency WORLD STAFF.

"It is the discrimination by appearance!",- you may object. However, so are realities of the labour-market, which is remarked by Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, the director of consulting agency "Prof-consulting":

"By the European standards, a photo should not be included for avoiding discrimination. But in our country these standards did not get accustomed, so I nevertheless recommend including a photo.

After receiving a resume without a photo, we always ask for it. In this way we waste our time and a pretender should immediately choose a photo and send the first one. This can be avoided by choosing a photo beforehand or by making a special photo."

Third reason. You are looking as good as you worth.

Which a photo is ideal for a resume? An accurate answer gives Ekaterina Kovalevskaya:

"On photo you should look accordingly to the money you want to earn. And you image should correspond the position you are pretending for. There is a difference between HR in a bank and in an IT-company, between a journalist in a business channel and an entertainment channel. And you should have a sensation of it."

It should be mentioned a photo should be made in the official style and correspond the image and the status of a candidate.

So, which a photo would be right for your resume?

• The photo should have a good quality, be clear. The best variant is a fullface portrait, not as much official as for the passport (slight head rotation, smile, etc.) but of approximately the same size.

• The position of a photo on the page of a resume - in the right or left upper corner.

• The face should be close up. Especially favorable results make a confident expression as well as a restrained and friendly smile. Do not shield your mouth with a hand and do not prop up your chin, which may make an impression of your low self-esteem.

• The dress - official, in the TV reporter style: without cutaway shoulders, bright colours and unbuttoned shirts (for men) as well as without decollete and excess of ornamentation and cosmetics (for women).

• The background should preferably be neutral or contrast. It should not contain anything related leisure time activities and alcohol (if you are not applying the job of a sommelier), unnecessary objects and other people, looking at which a recruiter asks himself a question: "Who are you among them?"

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As you can see, a photo in a resume is very important! Make a photo and make a profit of the service for resume generation. Then your chances to find a job will considerably be increased. ;-)