So, why should you make a creative resume?

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Resume is a first thing your employer see, it's a ticket to further interviews. But most valuable thing – it's your price, it shows your professional abilities. If you don't manifest yourself at once, it would be a way harder during interview.
That is why resume can be compared to banknote – it should look million dollars worth.
Creative resume will present you before interview. Unusual presentation will amaze your employer and attract his attention – and its a first step for a new job.

Nevertheless, creativeness should be worthwhile and concise. Remember, people spent on looking at your resume about five to thirty seconds, they just can't comprehend all text you put on a page.
Graphics in creative resume makes information more understandable and structured. That's what we had done on our service
Verbosity makes resume less attractive, probably employer will not get to it end even cursorily.

You should use graphics and charts just sufficiently and only in cases that really simplifies understanding of text.

Customize resume according to the job. There is no "general-purpose" resumes, all jobs have own distinct peculiarities. The goal is to show most significant sides of yours. Merchant, for example, should show that he/she used to make a profit on a previous job; in engineering and IT most valued are skills and knowledge, in marketing you should put emphasis on completed projects.

And a key advantage of creatively made resumes – they readily shared in social networks. And users of social networks usually do prefer pictures, not text. Anyway, you can show a classical resume during interview. ;-)